grouptherapy. // Truth Be Told


Something grouptherapy’s 2022 album has on every song is quality. Whether that is production quality, the material the song covers, or the creativity it all lines up to make an extremely consistent album.

As a producer, one thing I always appreciate is not only uniqueness in the production, but also the quality of it, whether that is the mixing or the sounds they used. Truth Be Told has a uniqueness I have yet to hear in almost any other underground album recently and is making me really interested in grouptherapy as a whole.

Songs like, Pink Papers, Tangerine, and Tribal, stood out to me as the best songs on the album and the ones I enjoyed the most.

I am extremely excited to see how much further grouptherapy can progress as a collective and just based on this album I suspect they will only go up from here.

Grouptherapy’s 2022 album Truth Be Told is available on all streaming platforms.


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