Axel Tanner

ER: Hometown / living now?: 

Axel: Pasadena, CA 

ER: What is the thing that keeps you so drawn towards music?: 

Axel: That feeling I get when I hear something that truly excites me. Combine that with the fact that I now have the platform/ability to share the music that excites me with others and help the artist find new fans in the process…I mean… 

ER: What are you working on now?: 

Axel: TikTok has really been at the core of it all. I’m now working on ways to diversify platforms and find new music fans where they want to be found (IG Reels, YouTube Shorts, Community text, Discord, etc). 

I’m also working directly with labels and artists on their digital strategy/artist development. I’ve found there’s a void in the industry when it comes to helping artists with their initial growth phase in the streaming world. Helping artists grow from <1,000 monthly listeners to a few hundred thousand is my sweet spot, utilizing my accounts/playlists as well as assisting artists with their digital strategy (mainly TikTok given that’s where all the attention is right now). 

ER: What project are you most proud of working on/ was most memorable? 

Axel: I’d say the most fulfilling work has been with the artists whose music I resonate with the most. Just being a genuine fan of their work and then helping their music reach the right people is the most fulfilling thing ever to me. For example, I posted a single video for an underrated song that caught the algorithm at the right time. That song went from 70k at the time of the post to 2.3 million streams over the course of several months, all stemming from an 8 second video. Fast forward a couple months, I’m now helping that same artist with their TikTok strategy directly. 4+ million views and 20k followers later, that artist is well on their way to something great, laying the proper foundation by leaning into the right platform at the right time.

ER: What are your goals for the future?: 

Axel: I genuinely just want to build a platform/community revolving around the type of music I love. I view music as a tool for healing and having the ability to spread that kind of energy to those who may need it through this art form is a feeling that’s indescribable. Building the infrastructure to do so is my ultimate goal. Whether that’s in the form of a label/collective where I’m directly involved in putting out the music to the world, or simply continuing doing what I’m doing in creating content and building playlists. I guess the ultimate goal is to build a reputation in which my ear is trusted, and help both music creators and music consumers along the way. 

ER: What is your favorite part about music/working in the music industry?: 

Axel: I mean I get to wake up and do what I love every day. The internet allowed me to turn my passion into a career and I’m extremely grateful for that. I get to surround myself with amazing creative energy on a daily basis and build something personally fulfilling and meaningful in the process. 

ER: What is the lasting impression that you want to leave?: 

Axel: The last impression I want to leave is one of abundance and positivity. I want to help build others up within this industry and inspire others to do the same.


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