Suburbia // Carly Rose

Born and raised in New York City, gaining worldwide attention by placing second at only thirteen years old on The X Factor, Carly Rose has returned to the release circle after a brief hiatus with her exquisite new track, “Suburbia.” 

Instead of diving into the music industry at such a young age, Carly Rose took time to develop her craft, hone her talents, and become the artist she envisioned herself to be. “I spent a lot of time writing what I thought people wanted to hear. Now I write for myself, from my point of view, what I want to say based on how I truly feel and have personally experienced,” says Rose – and “Suburbia” is just that.

“Suburbia” is an incredibly personal yet highly relatable alternative pop song. The soundscape is wildly intoxicating with Roses’ soulful voice floating beautifully over the haunting harmonies, punchy guitar, and catchy drumbeat. 

“This song is all about nostalgia for a simpler time. A time when I was younger and each thing that happened to me felt like the most important thing in the world. In this song, I let myself revisit that time for a night. I tap into my former self for a little while before realizing it’s not enough for me anymore. What was once intoxicatingly beautiful is now old and stale. It is a biting realization,” Rose explains.

Rose invites her listeners into this new world she has created, by making songs that feel carefree to the ear, but have deeper meanings baked into them. You can let loose and dance the night away, or ponder the intricacies that her lyrics divulge.

Listen to “Suburbia” today, get hooked on Roses’ sound, and get ready for more to come from Carly Rose soon. This re-emergence into the musical realm for Rose shows great promise — she is an artist to keep your eye on.


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