Boris the Lucid / I Will

Although I’ve been a bit slower with writing articles as of late, there was zero way that I was going to pass up on the opportunity to write on a recent release from one of my favorite Virginia artists. Boris the Lucid is a name that the up-and-coming scene will continue to become accustomed to hearing from over the next year as his music strikes a chord that very few artists at this stage are able to do. There’s a depth to his music that goes far beyond just the words he’s saying – it’s the emotions that his unique tone and melodies evoke which make you realize his burgeoning talents almost immediately. While there is no shortage of talent coming out of the 757 scene at the moment, Boris the Lucid is without question one of the most exciting artists that I see breaking out of the flourishing scene right now. At just 23 years old, anyone with ears can hear a boat load of potential when you make your way through his discography and what’s most exciting about all of this is that the singer-songwriter is only just beginning to tap into a bag that I believe will take his career to heights far beyond the 757 scene. 

Released back on Friday, April 1st, “I Will”, is the first offering from Boris the Lucid of 2022 and is easily one of his best tracks to date. A slow-burn tempo combined with the airy vocals of Boris converge to create the perfect record for your late-night drive playlist when you’re cruising through the city. A signature Boris record, he shines in every which way in as he creates an ambience and atmosphere that make you feel like you’re floating through space. Although experimental, this song checks all the boxes for everything you’d want in a song and pushes boundaries in a way that is nothing short of eye-opening. Speaking on the song a bit more in-depth, Boris had this to add: “This record shows that I’m not afraid to do what I want, to not let myself be boxed in with one genre, we’re meant to break all the rules so that’s the way i’ma live it.” Produced by fellow Virginia up-and-comer, Tommy Richman, the two artists came together and conceived an extraordinary tune that demonstrates why we need to hear more from this dynamic duo again in the future. Recalling how the song came about and the story behind it, Boris said this:

“ ‘I Will’ was the first beat he (Tommy Richman) made on the zoom call that day and it so happened to of been the one that I chose to make something out of it based off the fact that I’ve never done something like this before. I wanted to take a new approach with this one, a new perspective for me and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to. We had some more zoom calls to touch up on the record, to add more sounds, to really get down the structure in mind. It was all one big moment that changed my whole point of view of things in music in general, the process of creating something everlasting.”

That said, there’s no more need to justify why you should go listen to “I Will”, the proof is in the pudding and the music speaks for itself. Boris the Lucid is an extremely special artist on the rise and there’s zero doubt about that, so make your way down to the Spotify preview link below and give “I Will” the listen it deserves!


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