the friday fifteen: april 15th edition

Welcome to the friday fifteen: a weekly playlist updated every friday highlighting fifteen of our favorite new releases from underrated artists you should be listening to!

This week’s tracklist:

bones // greek

apartment complex on the eastside // dylan fraser

on the edge // zackery

anymore anyway // kairo

blame – slowed + reverbed // ry flora, lowkeyluke, fortune

bloodline // jaish

coulda been a phone call // zeke finn, nombe

things you said // gglum

wasted // dev soter, stefan thev

crybaby // amelia moore

if. // jamal bucanon

alone // camoufly

april 13th // matt taylor

evanesce // oc, dylan longworth

Check out our favorites in the playlist below and be sure to follow along so you don’t miss out on finding your new favorite songs each week!


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