Isabel Pless // Call My Own

The common desire for independence and ownership is placed front and center of Isabel Pless’s latest single “Call My Own”. Isabel’s clear voice weaves a story of self-discovery and longing over acoustic guitar, playful strings, and delicate harmonies. Her humbly candid lyrics narrate the struggle of craving a unique and exciting life during a period of forced stagnation – detailing everything from the billionaires going to space to life at home with her family. Derived from another viral Tiktok, and crafted by Georgia Parker on production + Philip Etherington for mixing + mastering (Lizzy McAlpine), fans have been buzzing over this release.

It’s clear that the real star of this song is its lyrics. With its simple production limited to mostly acoustic instruments, there is plenty of room for Pless’s vocals, lyrics, and overall message to shine. My favorite part about the lyrics is how conversational they are. Each line sounds like a snippet from a journal entry, incredibly detailed and compelling enough to create a clear visual for the listener. Her vocal delivery is equally as impressive, full of beautiful tone paralleled with little cracks and small imperfections that make it that much more raw, authentic and perfect for the emotional message of the track.

With humor and subtle wisdom, “Call My Own” speaks to those longing for an adventure of their own. Isabel’s songwriting is unmatched and I am excited to keep up with this unique and talented emerging artist.


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