LiMM // Aaliyah

Aaliyah by Philly based emerging artist LiMM is an energetic hip hop track and goes beyond the surface level topics of love and lust. Tackling the emotions that come with being under a lot of pressure and dealing with life’s inevitable obstacles constantly being thrown, LiMM masterfully exposes his vulnerable self while also making a catchy and exciting track.

There is a very strong contrast within the production itself, produced by G1 and mixed by Miles Jah, that immediately caught my ear. The drums are very high energy, bright and hollow, evoking a light and happy energy. However a somber, elegant and mellow piano has a strong presence as well, showcasing a more intimate and soft emotion. Both of these elements in conjunction with each other create an interesting and effective balance, leading listeners to be able to vibe and dance with the song while also being emotionally invested in what LiMM is rapping about. This says a lot about LiMM’s musicality and ability to diversify his sound in order to create the most effectively authentic piece of art.

The reference to artist Aaliyah is quite clever as well, using her as a reference as an ideal girl someone may be lusting over. While an initial listen to the song may convey the lyrics to be surface level, LiMM is quite vulnerable throughout the track. The inspiration behind the song comes from a rough period in LiMM”s life where he was under a lot of pressure to change his situation while also dealing with a slew of life’s issues all at once. The song turns out to be a confession of his late night thoughts, used as his way to remind himself of who he is and his purpose of perseverance. 

LiMM is an up and coming artist that everyone should pay attention to. His ability to unapologetically speak on topics in a cohesive and easily digestible way along with his musical talents will undoubtedly take him far.


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