Yared Kiflai // Sweet

Sweet by Yared Kiflai is a menacing hip hop track that centers around themes of pain, loss and betrayal. Through clear toned delivery, interesting flows, and a hooky refrain, this song is a relatable record that genuinely exposes a darker emotional side of this promising emerging artist.

Produced by Ryan Pham, the production matches perfectly with the message of the song, as the eerie alternate melody, low register background vocals, and hard hitting 808s create a vibe of darkness looming. Lyrically, Kiflai is brutally honest with his emotions, making vulnerability the real star of the track. It’s always refreshing to see artists in hip hop unafraid to tackle more vulnerable topics that aren’t usually explored. Beyond this, Yared’s vocals cut beautifully through the mix, making it easy for listeners to hang onto every word he’s saying.

Yared insightfully explains, “this record is special because it feels like a cathartic time capsule and/or a fiery pit stop on that road to understanding”, ultimately viewing this song as a moment in time and motivation to move forward. With vulnerability being the center of this particular record, I look forward to hearing more from this artist and hope he continues to be equally as honest and open.

Cover Art: Vanessa Nutters


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