Kiree 3600 / Munna World

If there’s anything I know well in this industry (which isn’t much), it’s the Virginia up-and-coming music scene. Far before I knew about blogs (including early rising) or basically anything about the music industry, I was a young lad scouring my home state of Virginia for undiscovered talent. Originally from Central Virginia, I’d spend my time looking for new music in Charlottesville and Richmond, and then eventually I made my way to listening to more music in the 757 and DMV. While we all know about Virginia’s long history of breeding legends and musical savants, I was keeping an eye out for the next big thing from the state and someone who fits that description is 22 year old Kiree 3600. Not often will you come across a gem as slept on as Kiree 3600 but that’s exactly why he’s found himself here on early rising today. After debuting his first project titled “Blockstarr” back in January 2021 and continuing to impress with a healthy serving of releases since, Kiree 3600 has found his own unique groove within the Virginia rap scene and is quickly proving his exceptional talents and limitless potential. With that said, there’s more to this book then just the cover so I’m excited to dig into Kiree 3600’s newest release and shine light on the rising talent that is more than deserving of it!

Released on Tuesday, April 5th, “Munna World”, is the latest and greatest offering from Kiree 3600 and it just so happened to blow any and all expectations out of the water. In typical Kiree 3600 fashion, fans can count on him to remain authentically unfiltered throughout the project as he raps about the struggles of growing up in the inner-city, the intimate turbulence of his love life, braggadocious tales of money, cars, and clothes, and much more. All-in-all, the EP provides a full, deep dive look into just who Kiree 3600 is and that speaks volumes about the true art that he is creating. In the project, Kiree 3600 delivered a seamless 4 songs that will leave you with the realization that his talents are undeniable and that it’s only time until his project begins to find the ears of the masses. Although my personal favorites of the four songs are “Take Notes” and “Stop Sign”, this project has absolutely no flaws and “Inside” and “Dead Right” hit equally as hard as the other two records. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to make your way down to the Spotify preview link below and give “Munna World” the spins and attention it deserves. The project is evidence that it’s all up from here for Kiree 3600, so keep your eyes peeled throughout 2022 and beyond for him because there’s something very bright on the horizon here!


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