night fever // Jonah Zed

Jonah Zed, a multi-genre producer, instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter, just released his latest chill summertime anthem, “night fever.” 

“night fever” tells the story of finding a love that has been worth the wait, discovering the person he has been looking for all along, and holding on to this relationship with everything he can.

The dreamy yet groovy soundscape is extremely intoxicating, with a strong driving beat and periodic saxophone instrumentation. Zed’s raw raspy voice compliments this beautiful musical creation that was influenced by Toronto’s underground rap scene, meshed with Zed’s rock, indie, and R&B roots. 

If you’re a fan of Khalid, Jonah Zed will be your new obsession. Whether you are chilling out with friends or driving on the highway with your top-down, Zed’s addictive songs can be the soundtracks to your days. 

Listen to “night fever” below, and get acquainted with Zed’s sound, he has been working on new exciting projects coming out soon.


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