Rising alt rock/indie band Fearofmakingout just recently teamed up with the fellow Phoenix, AZ based star SAIAH for their newest single “B4ckup”! Feeding off of the energy and momentum of their most recent project “NO A/C” , “b4ckup” is the band’s first release of the new year and comes just in time to be your new punk rock anthem for the summer!

Fearofmakingout is the “desert alternative band” based out of Phoenix, Arizona consisting of it’s four members: Cesar Cruz (guitar, production), Jacob Kellen (drums/production,vocals), Marissa Harrington (bass), and Ryan Moreno (production/vocals). Each of the members of the group carry a piece of the chemistry that makes Fearofmakingout the spirited and innovative musical team they are. Showcasing a unique and invigorating sound and style, the bands influences combine elements of indie, punk and hip hop in the best way possible.

On “b4ckup” the band teams up with fellow Phoenix based artist SAIAH (3nights, Amnesia, Polaroid) to further elevate this punk rock banger to the next level. Combining their forces, Saiah and Fearofmakingout come packed with the nonchalant rock-star energy which can be felt by the listener throughout the track. As said by the group themselves, “b4ckup is about protecting your energy. We hope to convey the freedom of letting go stagnant energy that doesn’t support your own.” As many of us, including myself, feel the summer creeping up on us around the corner, this song feeds into that feeling of freedom, joy and excitement that comes with the summertime. The songs accompanying music video further feeds into this carefree energy with its representation of being roped into bullshit by association but ultimately breaking free.

Fearofmakingout dropped this record at just the right time. I know I personally cant wait for what’s next from this phenomenal group. You can listen to “b4ckup” out now and watch the accompanying music video out on YouTube.


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