CODY JON / Becky’s Plan

If there is one place on this Earth that no one particularly likes to be, it is deep in the friend zone. Admitting that you have romantic feelings for a platonic friend takes courage — and whether you are the friend-zoner or the friend zone-ee — dealing with the lack of reciprocation is undoubtedly an experience in itself. Last month, 19 year old CODY JON released his single “Becky’s Plan” — an upbeat indie-pop tune from the perspective of someone who’s been stuck in the friendzone too long for his own good. 

For those of us who have dealt with the awkward pain of being rejected by a close friend, “Becky’s Plan” spins the relatable experience into a movie-like narrative. With hopes of escaping the f****d z**e, CODY devises a plan: to take out his friend’s friend, Becky, in hopes of making Becky’s friend more than a friend. From bribing Becky with chocolate and taking her on a picnic to eating spaghetti in hopes of “making her jelly,” CODY is willing to go to great lengths with Becky to woo over his bestie. In the chorus, CODY sings, What if I made out with your friend? / Said hi to Becky once again? (Hi, Becky) / Maybe your eyes would turn to mine / Realise the friend zone’s not our type.

“Becky’s Plan” is engineered to bedroom-pop perfection. Groovy basslines, tropical pop-rock guitars, and an electronic drum kit create a friendly, yet inviting atmosphere for Cody to read his open note to Becky’s friend. After listening to this tune, you can’t help but empathize with CODY: it’s catchy, it’s sweet, and it’s playful. 

CODY JON is a 19 year old singer, songwriter, and producer making strides in the D.I.Y. bedroom pop scene. Based in Australia, his music feels like a hug from a familiar friend. I seriously cannot get enough of this tune, and I am so excited to see where 2022 takes CODY JON! 

Stream ”Becky’s Plan” and check out the official music video below!


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