die with my friends // Lindsey Lomis (Q&A)

Lindsey Lomis, an eloquent pop-soul singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, just blessed our ears with her latest musical offering, “die with my friends.” 

Honing her craft since the young age of nine, and signing her first major-label deal to Altadena/Warner Records after success with her independent projects, this track is Lomis’ new musical chapter and first release since her debut EP In the Madness, in 2020. 

“die with my friends” is a sentimental song about new beginnings, leaving your old life behind but holding on to your past memories and friendships with everything you can. Lomis explains, ‘die with my friends’ is about the naïve idea that we could all live our separate lives and come back together for the end of them,” she explains. “It’s not about wanting to die, but wanting to spend your life with the people you’re closest to.” 

Lomis’ uniquely ethereal and soulful voice sings, “If we’re all gonna die, I might as well die with my friends,” over an infectiously vibrant soundscape with shimmering guitar licks. Although somewhat melancholy, the track is hopeful and honest — a bittersweet masterpiece.

I am sure you will fall in love with Lindsey Lomis once listening to her music, she truly creates something magical in each song that she writes that is personal yet relatable. I had the pleasure of asking her a couple of questions, and gaining insight into her remarkable artistry.

Samantha: Hey Lindsey! How are you today?

Lindsey: I’m soooo good! My new single “die with my friends” just came out today and the feedback has been amazing. I’m on cloud nine!!! 

Samantha: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself/your background?

Lindsey: I’ve grown up in Nashville surrounded by live music since I was a little kid. I’ve been singing since I could speak and playing guitar and writing since I was about 10! I fell in love with writing and performing at a young age and knew I had to do this for the rest of my life 🙂

Samantha: Who are some of your musical influences?

Lindsey: Tori Kelly, Adele, Dijon, H.E.R., Allen Stone, Amy Winehouse, Still Woozy, and Remi Wolf just to name a few! 

Samantha: What is one of your favorite lyrics you have ever written?

Lindsey: It’s hard to pick a favorite lyric of mine. There are either serious ones or clever ones hahaha. One of my favorite lyrics I’ve ever written is actually from an unreleased song of mine (soon to come out!) “You did us both a service and fell off the surface.” In the grand scheme of the song this is the lyric that pulled it all together for me 🙂 I’m excited for people to hear it!

Samantha: Dream collaboration?

Lindsey: The list could go on for eternity, but some dream collabs for me would be John Mayer, Omar Apollo, SZA, Lucky Daye, Anderson .Paak, Charlie Puth and soooo many more!!


Samantha: What comes next after this release? 

Lindsey: I have a couple more releases and then a whole EP!!! I’ve been working on this project for the past year, and I’m ecstatic that it’ll finally be out in the world 🙂 I’m also going on tour with JoJo in the UK next week and have some other tour opportunities coming up. I’m soooo excited to share when I can!

Be sure to listen to “die with my friends” today, follow Lomis’ TikTok where she posts exquisite videos of her singing, and get ready for this brand new chapter in her career – she is truly a star.


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