Heart Racing // Adamazingly

Adamazingly strikes a chord with his latest release entitled “Heart Racing”. This catchy Pop/Hip hop track is the perfect balance of vulnerability and good vibes, leaving listeners to optimistically reflect on their emotions and inevitably sing along to the hooky chorus.

Based in the Middle East, Adamazingly is a name to remember. This Lebanese rapper influenced by the likes of Young Thug and Future has the ability to impact his audience with lyrical truth. This particular song, while simple in concept, is effective in reaching a mass amount of people with its relatable topic. Exploring the idea of liking someone so much that it makes your heart race is a feeling we can all relate too.

The production matches the song perfectly as well. The entire track pops with vibrance and bright instruments, but is balanced well with a melancholy piano loop that allows the concept of the song to remain authentic and emotional.

Adamazingly consistently delivers great vocals, melodic ideas and lyrics. I’m excited to continue watching his development.


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