Do To Me // Kimmie Devereux

New Jersey native and Nashville-based LGBTQ+ singer-songwriter Kimmie Devereux just released her latest infectious pop anthem, “Do To Me.” 

Co-written with Tom Pinot and produced by Colin Rowe, “Do To Me” explores the feelings of a budding romance, a love that is unlike any other relationship before, feeling the nervous butterflies and giving in to desire.

This vibrant pop track is designed to be played on repeat. It is sensually intimate, yet extremely exhilarating and fun. The track builds up brilliantly to the chorus with an infectious driving beat that highlights Devereux’s smooth voice that emanates intense passion.

Devereux explains, “As an LGBTQ+ female pop artist, I used to be scared to write songs about my intimate love life, but then I just said fuck it.” 

After going viral on TikTok, and gaining a large following, especially within the LGBTQ+ community, Devereux has connected and continues to connect with her newfound fans on a truly personal raw level, releasing music that inspires people. She hopes that her fans will know exactly what the feeling explored in this song is, and if they don’t right now, experience it soon.

Listen to “Do To Me” today, follow her on TikTok, and get acquainted with Devereux’s exciting sound. 


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