Keith Cameron & fijitrip / Lamb Cake (Music Video)

“They don’t worry about my health anymore” -fijitrip

Keith Cameron is special.. fijitrip on top of that? One of the best underground collaborations of the year. Last Winter, Portland Artist Keith Cameron put out one of the most criminally under-looked project, a beautiful 4-track EP titled “Hydroplane”. Perhaps a testimonial to the world at large.

“somebody ate a lamb” -KC

The story of “Lamb Cake” in particular is what is really gnarly. Keith Cameron had this to say.. “As a kid, my Nana used to make my family Lamb Cakes for our birthdays. I looked up the origin of these cakes and the German word for them is “Osterlamm”. Traditionally they are eaten on Easter to represent Jesus, the lamb of God, dying on the cross. Now I’m definitely not saying I’m anything like Jesus lol, but in this song I’m comparing my childhood in general to being pure, innocent and benevolent like Jesus, as well inevitably going to end, like Jesus.”

“..and everyone sang along” – KC

This project has stuck with me. Mr. Cameron is a deep thinker… and fijitrip is such a great artist in his own right. I’ve been a fan since I discovered the pop star from Norway, and I still blast Kill The Game religiously. With both Cameron and fijitrip’s collective DIY wizardry, a great music video is also born! Any fans of The 1975 will totally dig this one. The chemistry and story are truly special.


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