7% / Kwame Adu


In his latest release, Kwame Adu opens up his heart and vocals to deliver a track that realizes the pain and strife felt by someone attempting rekindle love in their life. Despite his signature cadence that tends to reflect blunt, decisive delivery matched with lyrics that are equally sure of self, the LA based artist veers into a more tender approach to hip-hop on 7%.

Kwame Adu wastes no time in the 2:12 length of this track- after all, he might run out of words before his phone dies. Kwame exhibits his range in subject matter on this track by crafting a ballad about seeking intimacy after experiencing the worst this world has to offer. Consequently, 7% diverges from some of his other works that feature lines worthy of double-take after double-take. Rather, Kwame Adu favors a simpler, fast digesting lyrical approach while letting his vocals loose with melodic cadences at the 1:25 min mark. Although he deviates from his usual articulations, Kwame Adu’s delivery leaves no room to question whether he means what he says. 

Straight from the source:

“… it’s about striving for romance despite pain from myself and the world around me.
It’s like being some sort of fucked up soldier warrior anime protagonist guy who still on the very very low wants to find love or intimacy

When asked if he had his heart broken recently, Kwame responded “😯…  Kinda yeah”. His advice for the broken hearted? 

I think it’s similar to grief but less surreal. And there’s understanding that 

there’s more time for you to live with yourself (which will always have priority)

On production, DREE complements Adu with a chaotic ensemble of synths that perfectly understand the chaos and leaking pain of heartbreak. Meanwhile, the consistent heartbeat of the percussions help maintain the energy and focus of the song. Blast this if you need to break down before work. 

Kwame and DREE channel a poignant feeling of heartfelt sadness with all the nuances of self-accountability and acceptance of uncertainty tied to being a romantic in 2022. Like all of Kwame Adu’s discography, 7% came straight from the heart. Make sure to check out this latest track, as well as Kwame’s work on other projects/collaborations such as KWAMZAY. Available wherever you get your music!