ON THE EDGE // Noah Ransom

Rising singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Noah Ransom released his latest track today, “ON THE EDGE.”

Starting music as early as eight years old, Ransom has been cultivating his exhilarating sound since he was a young boy. Ransom has been discovering where he fits into the modern musical realm, exploring his rock side with this new track.

“ON THE EDGE” is an edgy (pun intended) pop-rock anthem that delves into the experience of feeling disconnected from your friends. Although the feeling of disconnection is lonely, this song juxtaposes that sentiment and allows one to have their main character moment. When diving into the musicality of the track, one can notice Ransom’s unique smokey vocal quality, that blends into the rock atmosphere effortlessly. 

“The first time I went home after I’d moved to LA to pursue music, I had this weird experience where a lot of my hometown friends seemed to think I’d already “made it” and had life all figured out. In reality, I was kind of going through it at the time. This honestly made the whole experience a lot lonelier, because my closest friends didn’t understand. That’s what I wrote this song about. When I met Raspy and Thomas (who I wrote the song with), we bonded over the isolation we experienced while pursuing music. We started talking about going home for Christmas and how romanticized people’s perception of our lives seemed to be – and then the song just went from there.” – Noah Ransom

In addition to his artist project, Ransom also writes with/for other artists, most recently he worked on another song I covered, “Sorry To Your Next Ex” by Haiden. 

Listen to “ON THE EDGE” today, belt it out at the top of your lungs, and add it to your playlists – it is truly such a bop. 



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