Today, THE BLSSM is returning to the release circle for their much-anticipated sophomore EP PURE ENERGY. Bearing their soul to listeners around the world, THE BLSSM has crafted a delicately intimate cohesive yet astonishingly unique body of work. 

PURE ENERGY is comprised of five unified songs – “I HATE SUNDAY,” “DIZZY,” “EVIL TWIN,” “NOT TODAY,” and “LITTLE KING” – that uncover a whirlwind of different experiences while remaining vulnerable and self-aware. 

“My project [PURE ENERGY] is about feeling everything at once and looking like a bit of everything, too,” THE BLSSM explains. The album combines darker themes and emotions, with playfulness, which reflects their personality. 

Released as the focus tracks off the EP, “DIZZY” and “NOT TODAY,” have garnered praise from THE BLSSM’s fans, who have been patiently waiting for the completed project. “DIZZY” is a pop-grunge track that discusses their relationship with their inner anxiety, and “NOT TODAY” is a nostalgic 90’s pop-rock-inspired piece about getting through everyday life. (read my article on “NOT TODAY” here). 

The first track on the EP “I HATE SUNDAY,” also gives off a nostalgic pop-rock sound, with an exciting explosive chorus that is extremely catchy with hard-hitting introspective lyrics. “EVIL TWIN” explores a pop-grunge vibe, with a theme of battling intrusive thoughts. 

Finally, “LITTLE KING” is the track that is the mystifying connective tissue that ties this whole project together. This track shows a softer side of THE BLSSM, accompanied by an acoustic guitar that highlights their voice’s higher register, proudly displaying their silky tonality. 

THE BLSSM’s PURE ENERGY is an unapologetic captivating piece of art that should be celebrated. Listen today and get hooked on their unique genre-bending sound.


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