It’s Good You’re Not A Ghost // Boy Willows

Rising experimental bedroom-pop vocalist, producer, and multi-creative Boy Willows (p.k.a Landon Fleischman) shares with the world his new ethereal single, “It’s Good You’re Not A Ghost.” 

Inspired by his side job as a lighting designer, Boy Willows integrates light into his sound, creating music that feels warm and bright, like sunlight filtering in through closed eyelids. This track showcases this artist’s beautiful soft tonality with multi-layered harmonies over a lush atmospheric production. 

Boy Willows explains that the song “started with an image of water being poured into cupped hands, flowing over and being caught by another pair of cupped hands below. It’s a song of intense gratitude for my mom and anyone else who catches the overflow.”

This single comes before Boy Willow’s 4-track EP, Choking For A Year. This project allows the listener insight into his experience with a life-changing industry. “It changed my voice, my confidence, my identity. A fun little byproduct was that the first year felt like I was choking the entire time. Learning how to create with this burden and how to accept it without freaking out was the journey of this EP,” he says.

Listen to It’s Good You’re Not A Ghost” today and get ready for his EP that comes out on June 3rd!


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