NXG is the next big artist out of Philly.  He is catching a lot of eyes and ears with his latest release, “Next Up” featuring popular underground artist Iayze.  Together they show what the new era of Hip Hop sounds like as they both have rapidly growing fan bases. 

“Next Up” immediately caught my ear with its distinguishable beat and upbeat tempo.  It certainly is a song that fans would want to mosh to at a festival and with how quickly NXG and Iayze are growing, I feel like that could be a reality very soon.  It gives me early Uzi and Carti energy and I haven’t stopped listening since I first heard the track.  NXG is still very early into his career as well with only 36,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with music that sounds like it’s coming from a seasoned super star.  This rising artist certainly has a bright future and anyone that finds him this early on is onto something very special.  The Iayze feature is a great look and I feel as though other bigger co-signs will make their way to the NXG wave here soon.  I’m excited to see how NXG continues to grow and develop this year and am looking forward to his future releases. 

If you haven’t had a chance to listen, you can do so here. Go ahead and give this talented artist the streams he deserves and keep an eye out for more music from NXG and his other collaborators in the underground scene soon! 


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