Checklist // Hans Williams

Hans Williams, a brilliant 21-year-old independent singer-songwriter hailing from Norwich, Vermont, just released his first single off his upcoming highly anticipated debut EP, “Checklist.” 

“Checklist” lives in a beautifully cultivated alternative-pop soundscape, with a nostalgic type of vibe, driven by an acoustic guitar. One can truly hear the emotion behind Williams’ voice while he sings, with his soulful grainy tonality and soaring high notes that highlight his honest and raw lyricism. 

Inspired by the separation of what you want for yourself and what you want because others want it for you, this vibrant anthem serves as a reminder for Williams to stick to his guns – doing what truly makes him happy. Although this was the initial inspiration, Williams wants fans to find their own interpretation of what this song means to them, finding their own connection to this musical creation of his.

When asked about the track Williams said, “Especially when you’re young – it can be hard to decipher what you value for yourself and what you value because others want that for you. “Checklist” serves as a reminder to myself and hopefully others that we know what we want out of life, we just have to actively affirm it.”

Having the opportunity to see Williams perform live and meet him after his performance has instilled the notion that this young artist will truly make a difference in this industry. He is a gifted performer and singer-songwriter, yet humble and astonishingly real. 

Listen to “Checklist” today, watch the eye-catching companion music video, and get hooked on Williams’ unique sound. I have no doubt he will be a household name very soon.


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