Rachel Bochner / NIGHT IN JAIL

We don’t make excuses for mediocre men, I promise that it’s not her fault if they find him dead.

If there is one lyric that speaks to my soul, let it be this one.

In January, I wrote a review of Rachel Bochner’s “pretty when u cry” – a wholesome pop song about being there for your best friend, even (and especially) during the not-so-happy times. Now, Rachel has returned with “NIGHT IN JAIL,” a tune for the girlies who are willing to go to extremes when a mediocre m*n hurts their bestie. It’s sort of an antithesis to “pretty when u cry” in all the best ways possible, and I couldn’t be any more excited to share it with Early Rising’s readers.  

In under three minutes, “NIGHT IN JAIL” proves itself as an incredibly cathartic anthem. Rachel’s ability to convey engaging narratives is apparent, especially through her songwriting: “NIGHT IN JAIL” eloquently expresses the frustration that comes with seeing your best friend hurt over a manipulative man who was never even remotely worthy of their love. In the chorus, Rachel sings “If I see you in the street, You better start running, Or I might just spend the night in jail / Blood on my hands, But you had it coming, I won’t pretend I wish you well.” I cannot even begin to stress the relatability of this song: nobody will really, truly understand the “overprotective friend” stereotype until they see their friend suffering at the expense of a stupid boy. As a best friend, you must be willing to go to great lengths to protect… even if that might result in a night behind bars. 

Created by a team of women, “NIGHT IN JAIL” is engineered to indie-pop decadence: swirling synths, an electronic drum kit, and pop guitars allow Rachel’s smooth vocals to shine through. The track’s production reflects its storytelling: as Rachel introduces us to her friend, the soundscape is melancholic, and by the time Rachel is plotting her revenge, the instrumentals crescendo into an empowering orchestra that leaves you feeling inspired. 

If there is one thing that men have time and time again, it is the sheer audacity. 

Stream “NIGHT IN JAIL” below!


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