Perry Maysun / My Elegant Breaking Point

In an industry that often feels saturated with sonic doppelgangers and wave riders in search of overnight success, Perry Maysun is an easily distinguishable contributor to the current scape of music. This is not to say his journey has been an easy one; My Elegant Breaking Point is an autobiographical account of Maysun’s battle with depression and substance abuse which ultimately culminates in a perspective shifting near death experience. 

As he stood on a steep rooftop looking down at the street lights of New York, Perry saw a glimpse of hope. He took the feeling, or more precisely a lack thereof feelings, and began shaping his experiences and thoughts into poetry. I genuinely believe this is an important project for both people who do and do not struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues to listen to. Sewn together through a cohesive yet sprawling sequence of instrumentation, Perry’s vivid storytelling acumen takes listeners on a journey through the depths of the young creative’s experiences. 

From enthralling tracks like “Melissa’s” and “Duality” to the visceral experiences of “Theater 14 (Interlude)” and “Prevail”, “My Elegant Breaking Point” showcases the 19 year-old creative’s versatility and willingness no be a nonconformist. Working together day in and day out, the project was fully produced by Zionkat, who is an 18-year-old producer and instrumentalist. 

If you’re someone looking for both musical and topical depth, “My Elegant Breaking Point” is the project for you. If you’re someone that likes or needs to be pushed outside of your comfort zone, “My Elegant Breaking Point” is the project for you. Perry, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your art with the world, and I am excited to see what you do next. As always, make sure to hit the spotify preview below and tap in with Perry across socials @perrymaysun. Peace! 


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