When I came across this record, I immediately knew that this singer/songwriter possessed something special. After going through Shaolinn’s discography I could immediately feel the passion and authenticity deployed in her musicianship. Possessing a powerful yet delicate voice, Shaolinn takes inspiration from numerous avenues of music. Integrating aspects of Hip Hop, R&B and alternative music, Shaolinn sits in a lane completely of her own, demonstrating to listeners that there are no boundaries to her craft.

With her newest single “Time Flies”, Shaolinn further solidifies her position as a force to be reckoned with in the Alternative/R&B underground scene and beyond. On the single, she exhibits her angelic singing voice, potent lyricism and ability to create her own melodic atmosphere. “Time Flies” showcases tranquil vibes featuring tender and subtle melodies, giving Shaolinn the space to shine over the instrumental with her compelling vocals. Apart from the soothing sonics of the record, she also demonstrates extraordinary penmanship with alluring lyricism revealing aspects of her own internal thoughts and anxieties. With this record, Shaolinn hits all the checkpoints from her vocal abilities to sound selection to lyricism. She created a record that is not only pleasing to the ear but can provide a sense of comfort and sympathy for listeners as well.

Shaolinn has found inspiration through a variety of influences including rock bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, pop singers like Billie Eilish and FKA Twigs, and rappers such as Tyler, the Creator and Lupe Fiasco. With her widespread variety of influences, its no wonder how Shaolinn has created such a unique and captivating style, blurring genre lines in ways rarely heard. Following 2020’s ‘Organized Mixed Emotions’ EP, and last year’s much-acclaimed ‘Blackstone’ EP (released on Pusha T’s HEIRWAVE MUSIC GROUP), the last couple years have been a breakthrough time period for this up-and-comer. The Virginia Beach native successfully landed songs on multiple editorial playlists across DSPs and is quickly rising past a best-kept-secret status.

Be sure to stay tuned to Shaolinn as she continues to hone in on her craft going into the future. You can check out the single now on streaming services and follow Shaolinn to stay up to date with whats yet to come!


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