Yb. // Change Your Mind

Yb. is an artist on the rise out of Brisbane, Australia.

I came across his latest track ‘Change your mind’ and after listening immediately followed Yb anywhere I could.

He is originally from Ghana and his African heritage certainly presents in his music sonically with refreshing insights into the soul accompanied by his top tier songwriting and production from fellow rising Australian artist, Stevan

I often criticize the Alt-Pop genre for being more Pop than Alt but Yb really brings a fresh alternative raw soulful feeling to this tightly knit track that feels like the first sunlight on your skin in the morning.

Lyrically, the song arrives at themes about the journey of accepting one’s own feelings. In Yb’s words, ‘Change Your Mind’ stripped back and in its essence is about emotional acceptance. With such texture in the song’s conceptual foundation in conjunction with Yb’s velvety vocals makes for a super easy and enjoyable listen.

Really excited to see what more Yb has to share with the world.

Stream ‘Change your Mind’ here


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