Wiseboy Jeremy // Still Chldrn

I truly don’t know how Wiseboy Jeremy has not blown up yet. The production quality, the beats, the rapping, the engineering, everything is so perfect on this album.

I would best describe Wiseboy Jeremy’s style as a dark Monte Booker, or a more lively Westside Gunn. But, he also is unique. I can truly say that Wiseboy Jeremy is unique.

I would not write a review of this album without talking about the beats, they are so fire. Using a more modern boom-bap sound, Wiseboy Jeremy executes on every beat perfectly and though some of the beats are minimal, he still kills them.

The production quality on this album is nothing to play with either, though underground it is obvious Wiseboy Jeremy takes a great pride in making sure everything sounds professional, and I can tell through the amazing sound quality on this album.

Overall, this has to be one of the best underground rap albums of 2022 so far and I truly believe Wiseboy Jeremy will blow very soon.

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