Flood // Nick Vyner

Los Angeles-via-Houston alternative-pop artist Nick Vyner just released his intoxicating new single, “Flood.” 

This track was 3 years in the making – with multiple updates and re-recordings, staying true to the initial concept; it now gets to see the light of day in 2022 after initially being created in 2019 with producer and co-writer, Casey Malanuck (caaaaseyyyy). 

“Flood” is inspired by feeling out of place in a new city – confused by this new normal, where friendship and loss and everything in between swirl together, feeling as though there is a flood of thoughts and emotions inside your mind. Musically it depicts this sentiment perfectly, with an intense lush production pairing light acoustic moments and moments of fierce passionate explosions together, all while Vyner sings beautifully over it.

Nick Vyner explains, “This has been a favorite song of mine for years now. I found it difficult to finish in a good way. It always made sense to me, but I never stopped wanting to try things out just to see how they felt. We spent countless days and nights trying to unlock it, and then one day in late December of last year, it finally felt right, so we pressed save and stopped. I wish I could show you all the versions we made for fun, but out of sheer fear that you’d hear something that you wish we’d kept in the song, you get this version and this version only. You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you it’s the best one, and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you now.” 

I had the chance to see this amazing artist perform live in Los Angeles on May 5th and can honestly say he is one to watch.

Listen to “Flood” today, watch the music video, and get acquainted with Nick Vyner’s thrilling unique sound — this song is truly a work of art.


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