Geller / Boring Life

Geller is a gem. Nothing more, nothing less. Originally born Austin Geller, the artist has been working in the shadows producing for several up and coming musicians. What is most remarkable with this one, is the amount of symbolism. Geller had this to say about the record.. “A part of me feels that I’ve failed and fallen by the wayside in achieving the goals of my old self (a traditional college experience, working a respected 9-5 job, preparing to get married and start a family, etc). And though I am certainly dissatisfied with the way certain things in my life have transpired, I am thankful for the life that I have and eager for what is next.”


The aforementioned sentiment really resonated with me. You can hear these themes emanate throughout. If you chase your dreams, you’re inevitably going to piss people off and feel like you’re a disappointment. If you live your life within the limiting beliefs espoused by our family, education system, and friends.. you’re liable to develop a peculiar sense of self hatred. A trick that causes you to work at a manufacturing facility your whole life and wondering what went wrong in perpetuity. Hitler was a failed painter mind you. Fortunately, Geller decided to sail full steam ahead towards the sun. Sure, this comes with consequences. Shame. Doubt. Insecurity. Regret. All of the above.

“Boring Life” demands your attention. Personally, I think I have a weird penchant to the acerbic songwriter. Geller delivers easily. This song made me feel like I was on a shroom trip grappling with every subconscious confliction that manifests when you realize you’re not at the center of the universe. Every misdeed. Every impropriety. I talk too much.

Geller is supremely gifted. He just finished scoring a film for fucking Christ’s sake. First artist I’ve covered for Early Rising that can say that. The word boring is defined by the good folks of Merriam Webster as “causing weariness and restlessness through lack of interest.” The curse of the artist is to master boredom. Working tirelessly in the shadows to create something that warrants a complete stranger to enter your personal heart-space. Mission accomplished Geller.


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