Ketu / Rain on Me

It’s not everyday that I get the chance to shine light on a talent as special as the one that I’ll be writing about today. Ketu, a Nigerian-born, Texas-raised multidisciplinary singer-songwriter is one of those artists you listen to just once and you can tell that he’s got “it”. One of the most unique voices you’ll come across, if you heard Ketu’s voice in a crowd of 100,000 people, you could distinguish which one was his immediately. After moving to Los Angeles to study art and design in college, Ketu found his way to the top of the field, commissioning work to design motion graphics, cover art, and logos for notable artists such as Khalid and Lil Nas X, however, what we’ll discover today is that there’s a whole other side to Ketu’s creative genius. In fact we’ve learned that he’s got some of the most jaw-dropping vocals in the up-and-coming scene at the moment and that’s exactly why he’s found his way onto the E.R. site today. 

A slow jam that will put you in a trance, “Rain on Me” is a poetic anthem that will leave you begging for more. A tasteful ballad with minimalist production, Ketu shines bright in “Rain on Me” and draws listeners in with his intriguing voice and tremendous storytelling abilities. An artist with a boatload of upside, his newest tune is one that anyone will fall in love with, especially if you are a fan of artists such as Giveon, Sampha, Daniel Caesar, or Khalid. “Rain on Me” tells the story of a man’s recognition that the love he once had with his partner was no longer (seemingly not by choice) and gives an in-depth look into the process of having to come to terms with that hard truth. A difficult but vulnerable message, Ketu poured his soul out in the artistic masterpiece that is “Rain on Me” and created a sonically rich body of work which certainly stands out in a big way. A tune that will certainly put the up-and-coming scene on notice, “Rain on me” is an anthem that is honest and pure in all of its different forms, which makes you love it that much more. 

While I could go on and on about how special this record truly is, I recommend that you go listen to this one yourself as no words could fully captivate the raw emotion that makes “Rain On Me” so moving. If you haven’t already, be sure to give this one the spins it deserves using the Spotify preview link below and add it to your rotation. Ketu is an artist that we all need to keep a close eye on, so be early on him now, because I promise you that it’s only a matter of time before music fans all over the world know his name.


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