Pangeaux, E the Profit, & Logan Sherrick / CHOPSTICKS

I hail from the Midwest. Our region’s Hip-Hop lineage is unrivaled. From MC Breed to Smino, Kanye West to J Dilla. They call us the “Fly-Over” states.. but who gave you that plane in the first place? I’ll wait. In the meantime, let’s unpack this Pangeaux, E the Profit, & Logan Sherrick record!

“See me working with the chopsticks!”

The reason why I wanted to touch on the Midwest is because this record possesses all of the signature ingredients a great Midwestern Hip-Hop record. Pangeaux’s voice sounds as mellow and zen as Raphael Saadiq, which is high praise. Shoutout producer James Heaton too, the beat is flawless. There are these loose & spacey keys that contrast beautifully against sliced hi-hats and dirty south 808’s.

Most notable about this song is fellow Kentuckian and XXL Freshman nominee E The Profit, who steals the show with his quintessential monotone bravado, juxtaposed with wordplay.. “stacking chips of course, you know I can just like the Pringles dude”. E could talk about paint drying and make it seem interesting. Watch out for Kentucky my fellow Early-Risers. Somethings in the water. Check it out!


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