Ajna’s 2022 single Fall So Fast, really shows to me why Ajna is coming up in the underground.

The production, the engineering, the rapping, the singing, everything is amazing. I simply cannot say there is a single technical flaw on this song at all and combined with Ajna’s rapping it makes for such a great song.

The hook on this song, sung by Q. and Angelina, is also fantastic and is a really good separator between Ajna’s verse. Q. and Angelina melodically combine for a very interesting and harmonic chorus, and I think this really brings the song together.

One thing I always like to mention in my articles is progression, and this song shows me that Ajna is progressing. The engineering is getting better, the beats are getting better, everything is improving and that is one aspect of being an artist that is really important.

Ajna’s 2022 single Fall So Fast is available on all platforms.


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