JAZZ / ats

On his latest track, Jazz drops both panties and his emotional barriers. Following the release of Hidden Ave back in November, ATS is a single that paints a more detailed and intimate picture of the Atlanta based, LA born artist. Furthermore, this track sets a strong precedent that Jazz is uninterested in making songs that adhere to a traditional format.  

ats kicks off with foreboding hums and an electrifying guitar solo that channels the intense yet subtle nature of the song. Off the first 15 seconds, it becomes very apparent that this may have been recorded in a dark room illuminated solely by 3 candles (max). The production of this track is stripped all the way down at first, existing in a subdued state for the vocals to have command over the song. However, as the track progresses, a heavier bass and light percussions add to the already uncompromising tension of the song. Complemented by autotune and delivered as sultry as possible, Jazz’s vocals dig deep with every line. Equally hypnotic is Jazz’s lyrics, which read more like a poem in conversation rather than a predictable chorus/verse structure. 

Jazz captures a very specific feeling that I could only compare to the Kissland era of the Weeknd with elements of 808’s & Heartbreak and Yeezus- an era of music that many may have taken for granted at the time. Hearing its influence in 2022 isn’t easy to execute well, but Jazz synthesizes this style into his own refreshing take on sultry, minimalist r&b. 

ats strikes a perfect balance of being ambient yet remarkably present in its decoration of time. Even more exciting is how sharply it contrasts with Jazz’s debut track Hidden Ave. Where Hidden Ave is the fun molly track, ats is the comedown track that begs the question “what now?” at the end of the night. Nonetheless, both illustrate the raw talent and vast artistic vision of Jazz’s young but exceptional discography. I highly recommend giving this track a listen wherever you get your music!


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