Who? // Thanks 4 Coming Back

If you aren’t already hip to the 757 music scene in Virginia by now then I’ve got you covered, because today I’m writing on one of the dopest up-and-comers in the area. Oftentimes, you can’t get a full read on an artist until you see them live yourself, but back in January I had the pleasure of going to see the artist who I’m writing on perform in-person and it was without question one of my favorite shows I’ve ever attended. That said, I am elated to introduce the world of Early Rising to Who?, who’s been more than deserving of this light for a long time. For any fans of Pusha T, Rick Ross, or even some of the higher energy Jay Rock records, I think that Who? Is going to fit perfectly into your rotation. He just dropped one of the hardest projects out of Virginia all year, so it’s only fitting that he gets love from us on both the playlist and website. 

Released back on Monday, April 25th, Who?’s “Thanks 4 Coming Back” EP is a 5-song masterpiece and my favorite body of work from him to date. From top to bottom, Who? shines bright in every which way and you can hear his hunger for greatness through the passion he speaks with in each bar. While only 5 songs, the project is succinct and showcases a great deal of versatility and even more so, a clear direction for what we can expect from him in the future. While I love all of the records off this project, I’ve found myself bumping “4:52 On Church St.” and “Low Key Told Me” extremely heavily, however, each record on this project holds its own weight and is strong in its own right. For any hip-hop heads and rap fans out there, I challenge you to go through this project and find something you don’t like about it, because I’m truly not sure if that’s even possible. 

Although I could go on and on about this project, the truth is that what you all really need to do is listen to the music. So without further ado, make your way to the Spotify preview link below and give “Thanks 4 Coming Back” the spins it deserves!


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