Goofy! / Hadji Gaviota


On his latest track, Hadji Gaviota embraces all his insecurities with the only proven method known to humanity: roasting yourself. Coming off the release of his latest project, Pastimes+, Hadji doubles down on making music that can have you smiling through the worst days. Positivity and good vibes personified, the Queens born and raised artist channels that into his music without diluting the message with feel-good cliches. 

Hadji jumps straight out the gate with a pop-punk adjacent chorus, declaring himself, in 3rd person, a ‘goofy’ and a ‘punk’. Hypnotically catchy, the perspective changes from the chorus to the verses, switching back to Hadji’s POV as he experiences coming across different characters that want to beat his ass. The reason why? Probably because they don’t quite understand what Hadji Gaviota is trying to do as an artist. 

Hadji’s take on Goofy!

“You wonder in life if anyone wants to beat you up. I’m the Goofy! In this scenario. As you start messing with your hair, being slightly weird, and not having a normal job.. You start to wonder if people you grew up with hate you, think you’re strange, weird, that sorta stuff.”

This can be the struggle for many rising artists- but not all are able to channel those thoughts into a catchy, lovable song. Gaviota’s songwriting on this release is especially polished, transitioning between 3rd and 1st person while keeping the message clear that despite the disapproval Gaviota receives, the goofiness won’t stop. Declaring in the bridge that “I’m a lover, not a fighter, but I guess there’s no love lost” Hadji once again sums up his song and personality into a singular line. Much of Hadji’s music shares a common theme of showing yourself some love when you are dealing with your haters, especially when you can be your own biggest critic. Goofy! Is a track that builds upon some of Hadji’s discography such as Shyhomie (stylistically) and L in style (thematically).

While it’s difficult to put Gaviota’s music into a singular box, the way he creates genre blending songs is akin to having all your thanksgiving food touching each other. While the sound remains consistent from his last project, the individual dishes/genres that combine on that track have only been improved upon. Consequently, you get a familiar plate, but it’s even better this time around. Make sure to give Goofy! a listen! Available wherever you get your music!