Kayvan Daragheh

ER: Hometown / living now?:

Kayvan: Peterborough, England (hometown)/ Brooklyn, NY

ER: What is the thing that keeps you so drawn towards music?:

Kayvan: This is a hard question to answer but I think that music (along with other forms of art) are the most pure tangible representations of human emotion and consciousness. To me, the way that music (and other forms of art) can put me into a specific feeling, memory, time, and place is such an indescribable representation of what makes us human. 

ER: What are you working on now?: 

Kayvan: Creating community around independent/emerging artists on Twitch/Discord, working with/developing artists, building teams around my personal projects.

ER: What project are you most proud of working on/ was most memorable?

Kayvan: Helping build Genius Youtube channel from 500k subscribers to 11 million over the last 5 years. A few of my videos ended up being the most viewed of all time on the channel (YNW Melly OpenMic, Boywithuke OpenMic, Polo G & Lil Tjay OpenMic, Billie Eilish Verified for some of my favorites)

ER: What are your goals for the future?

Kayvan: Champion artist development and discovery, push for more representation across the board in music, provide representation for young asian, and middle eastern aspiring music industry professionals, promote DIY/indie attitude of building your own platforms and leverage – but also ultimately starting my own management company with label/creative services in-house (all of them)

ER: What is your mantra? What guides you?

Kayvan: do fair/good business, care about people, stay true to who I am, be proud of what I’ve done at the end of all of this.

ER: What is your favorite part about music/working in the music industry?

Kayvan: Live music is one of them for sure, it’s always been one of my favorite things about music. Also knowing that I’ve made a difference or helped an artist/young professional whose shoes I was in figure out what they can do to move forward in their career.

ER: What is the lasting impression that you want to leave?

Kayvan: That you don’t have to fuck people over to get ahead in this industry, and that we should take better care of our artists/creatives.


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