Mioskii / Bloody Friday

Came across Mioskii on tiktok and listened to his track Bloody Friday.

The 22 year old from Tampa, Florida where a bunch of recent talent has come out is proving his name belongs among the others.

Mioskii begun by experimenting with bedroom pop and with his prominent influences being Lil Wayne and Blink 182 he naturally arrived at a sound more in the lane of Indie/alt rock though his initial experience in bedroom pop still shines through in his current music.

With strong and clean songwriting I think Mioskii is a talented songwriter who will no doubt have more hits in the future.

Bloody Friday is the song I came across him by despite him previously dropping a couple of singles in 2021. Mioskii details “Everything happens for a reason, and this song is my embodiment of that sentiment, hence the lyrics ‘kill your friends, get by’ or ‘every flame dies, you know better now”. 

The way Mioskii brings across the subject matter in a laid back manner with a great vocal mix to accompany makes for an easy listening lowkey rock banger. Keen to here more from Mioskii.

Stream here


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