Los Angeles-based electro/hyper pop group NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS (NTMC), comprised of Gabi Gotts, Perrin Xthona, and Tammy Gonzalez, just released their highly-anticipated debut EP BAD THINGS COME IN 3’S. This 6 track project brilliantly showcases NTMC’s signature party pop style – combining catchy/quirky lyricism, distorted synths, killer drops, and intoxicating hooks. 

NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS describe their EP by saying, “The project is really about universal experiences–like falling for shitty guys, peer pressure, cancel culture, untrustworthy friends, relying on substances or others for confidence, etc. We just wanted to write about all these things in kind of absurd ways.”

The EP starts with the distorted and catchy pop track “bad things,” produced by Jahs. This track is a wonderful yet diabolical introduction to the project, highlighting each member’s unique personality on top of the cyber-pop glitchy tune. NTMC used this track as their own version of “The Powerpuff Girls,” instead of being created with “sugar, spice, and everything nice,” they were created from “chaos, vices, and an existential crisis.

The second song on the EP is none other than “8ball” – the first single released off NTMC’s EP. This track explores and evokes the group’s experience with chaotic decisions that occur on a blurry night out surrounded by friends – which is also portrayed musically in this electronic-dance track designed to be played at the club.

The third track, “survival of the littest” is a new addition to the NTMC discography. This song makes a statement about how “alcohol tolerance is a form of social Darwinism,” with cheeky lyricism and a synth-heavy bold pop soundscape. It is absolutely the perfect pre-game track to a crazy night out with friends, drinking games, and having the time of your life.

“did it hurt?,” another new track, comes next… a glorious maneater anthem comparing boys/men to the devil. Even though this is a “takedown,” this track is also self-aware, as the girls acknowledge their desire for devilish men in a spooky yet sexy way. 

Moving to “sneetches get steetches,” originally titled “whoville,” which contains a sweeter sounding pop atmosphere, juxtaposing the other tracks’ sound on this EP. Even though musically the track sounds sweet, the lyrics follow the signature NTMC style of discussing real relatable experiences like having fake friends and inauthentic relationships — with the girls having no problem cutting off these type of people from their lives. 

The last track on the project, “lava” is an exhilarating track that combines an upbeat electronic sound with an important social commentary about what it’s like to be in the entertainment industry, with people observing your every move. One wrong move and you are canceled, so the metaphor “the floor is lava” rings true for this group in wanting to make sure they are real and authentic, but careful of their image.

I had the awesome opportunity to sit down with NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS and ask them a couple of questions about their artistry, their EP, and what comes next for the group.


Samantha: Hey guys! How are you doing today?

Perrin: hi! great, thank u so much for having us:)

Samantha: Take me back to the beginning… How did you all meet and how did you decide to form your band!?

Perrin: I had worked with Gabi and Tammy separately, and talked about them so much to each other that we finally ended up all together one day. It was the best session we had ever had, and we loved everything we wrote so much that we decided to start releasing stuff together!

Gabi: I had seen Tammy at a Halloween party way back when lol and we danced together to I think some throwback classics, but we never actually talked until our first session all together haha.

Samantha: How did you come up with your band name? 

Tammy: We got the idea from TikTok (classic). There was this trend going around of people making videos saying that you should start acting like the main character in your life. Since the three of us are songwriters first we’ve never really been “main character” types. Thus, NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS seemed like the right fit. 

Samantha: How did you guys land on this hyper-pop type of sound? 

Perrin: I think we’ve always been interested in the weirdest sounds we can get away with while still having pop melodies and structure, and as hyper pop started coming to the forefront as a genre it just kinda happened naturally.

Samantha: What is your creative process like? Do you all work together? 

Gabi: Yeah, so we write everything together with different producers and sometimes co-writers. We always start with a concept and write down literally 4 pages of lyrics on a shared google doc first. Once we’ve ironed out the final lyrics, we’ll add melodies!

Samantha: What was creating your EP like?

Perrin: we started out with a more chill concept but it wasn’t matching what we were doing every day – which was partying lol. So then we decided to make a pregame playlist and everything kinda fell into place.

Samantha: Do you guys have a favorite song lyric that resonates with each of you? 

Gabi: “monsters at the party call us baddies inc.,” will forever be my favorite because it’s the truth. We truly are the life of the party; Perrin’s crushing everyone at literally any drinking game (though her forte is rage cage), Tammy’s out there screaming the lyrics to 2000’s bangers, and you can usually find me in a bathroom or garage somewhere having a deep convo with someone lol. 

Samantha: What is coming next for you guys? 

Tammy: We’re starting to gear up for live performances soon so that’s really exciting. It’s been lots of fun trying to figure out what that even means for the 3 of us. We’re finally getting to create the live show experience we’ve always envisioned in our heads!

Stream BAD THINGS COME IN 3’S today and keep up to date with the band to find them performing in a city near you very soon! 


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