The internet has done it again – another rising star brought to us by a viral video sensation.  This time, artist Max Drazen has been playing his cards right and has been tucked away for close to a year working like crazy.  In July 2021, a Tik Tok video of a kid playing an unreleased song amassed close to 1 million views in a couple of days.  Just like that, Max Drazen was put on everyone’s radar (including myself who found him at 10k views).  Little did he know that his life would soon drastically change.  Almost immediately, all proof of his existence on streaming platforms vanished leaving new fans hungry for more song snippets and private SoundCloud links.  Fast forward almost 1 year, 1 publishing deal, and 1 record deal later and this incredibly talented artist has finally dropped his first official single on all platforms for the world to hear. 

“Let Me Down Slow” is a classic break up song that displays both Max’s vocal range and writing ability in the most cohesive way.  To find an artist that is creating music at this caliber and this early on is such a rare thing.  The production is 10/10 as the electric guitar melodies throughout the song captivate anyone listening.  This is a stadium anthem through and through.  I’m excited to see how this rising star develops into the massively touring artist that he has the potential to be.  Max Drazen is just getting started and with music this good, he’s going to be here for a very long time.  

If you haven’t had the chance to do so, give “Let Me Down Slow” the listens it deserves and check out Max Drazen on Tik Tok and all streaming platforms.  Can’t wait to see what Max has under his sleeve next! 


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