martin (feat. rella) // Summer

Most well known for his incredible DJ skills, Philly based musician Martin has released his debut single “Summer” featuring Rella. The high energy, vibrant pop song is the perfect song to add to your summer playlist.

Showcasing his great range and clear tones, Martin delivers confident and charismatic vocals from start to finish. This matched with amazing production makes for a high quality track that you’ll want to play over and over. Rella’s verse also creates a nice open section in the song that slows the pace of the otherwise full-throttle track. This was a nice listening point to break up some of the repetition and create momentum to go into the final chorus.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the song is how many different production ideas were included. Usually, this could create confusion and over-stimulation for the listener. Martin, however, was able to flawlessly create various unique sections of the song that each had their own sense of production and style while still making them cohesive enough to mesh all together perfectly. A testament to his talents in musicianship, this is clearly just the beginning for Martin.


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