trestil // makeurmind

22 year old Colorado native Trestil is making his presence known in the hyperpop scene with his latest release “makeurmind”. With electronically infused production and an interesting range of melodies, it’s clear that Trestil is a name to be remembered.

I was immediately blown away by the level of creativity and quality throughout the track. Produced by Cash Heart, the beat itself is a work of art. Having enough textural and unique elements to make the track standout while also creating enough space for Trestil to confidently deliver his topline is not an easy task, but it was executed beautifully on “makeurmind”. Not to mention the hard-hitting 808’s create an undeniable groove that you can’t help but nod your head to.

Trestil seems to showcase a lot of personality throughout his delivery. The high energy production is matched by his high energy vocals that also showcase a wide melodic range. It seems clear that Trestil truly had fun creating this record, as this vibrant and care-free energy radiates from the track. 

With clear influences from the likes of Playboi Carti, Trestil is on his way to paving his own lane in the hip hop/hyperpop scene. I am super excited to keep up with this artist and follow their upcoming releases.


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