Bird and Byron / Lessons of Love

I wrote about them last June. I did a Q&A with them last August. And precisely a year after my first write up on the now Tennessee-based indie rock duo, I am back with my third review. Early Rising regulars Bird and Byron are back to bless our ears with a new single titled “Lessons of Love,” and it is absolutely everything I could ask for and more. 

As its title suggests, “Lessons of Love” looks back at a relationship, taking off the rose-tinted glasses in order to come to terms with the fact that, perhaps, it wasn’t meant to be after all. People often enter our lives to teach us something, and after that “something” is taught, they can choose to stay, or they can choose to leave. Bird and Byron sing, But I’m gonna try, I’m gonna try / I’m gonna take my bow (take it now) / I’ve given up now / I guess it’s over now. Coming to this realization is never easy, and although bittersweet, the end of a relationship is meant to help us grow into the people we are meant to become. We live, we love, we learn. 

On the release of “Lessons of Love,” Bird (Blake) and Byron (Nick) share, “The song is a reflection of the lessons learned from a relationship after a tough breakup. ‘There is a lesson of love in everything she does and says. There is a lesson of life, when she holds me tight.’” 

Bird and Byron capture this all-too-familiar struggle through soulful, heartfelt vocals and traditional indie-rock instrumentals that you can’t help but sway and reminisce along to. I’ll never not be over Blake’s vocals: he sings with such a powerful, raw authenticity that feels lucky to hear each and every time. The traditional indie-rock instrumentation reminds me of music festivals in the summertime: dirty converse, ripped overalls, overpriced beer bottles, dancing in the grass, and being surrounded by great company. You can feel and hear the natural synergy between the duo – Bird and Byron know how to write and perform together, and “Lessons of Love” makes this particularly apparent. 

Listen to “Lessons of Love” below!


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