End of the Day // Erika Sirola

Erika Sirola, a 23-year-old Finland native, just released her highly-anticipated debut single today titled, “End of the Day.” This intimate ethereal track gives the listener a beautiful introduction to Sirola’s heterogeneous artistry, inspired by living in various cities around the world and musically exploring a multitude of genres from art-pop, techno, folk, jazz, and experimental music.

“End of the Day” was written at a time when Sirola was struggling to hold onto relationships, or put roots down anywhere – masterfully portrayed in the musicality and lyricism in this track. The song starts off simple yet intriguing, highlighting Sirola’s intricate metaphoric lyrics like, “I plant plastic palm trees cause they don’t die on me.” As the song progresses the production becomes more elaborate, showcasing eloquent yet frantic beats that are reminiscent of a whirlwind of emotions. Sirola’s sultry, strong, and raw vocal abilities are incredibly captivating from the moment the song begins, floating whimsically over the lovesick soundscape.

Sirola has the innate ability to turn pain into something beautiful – shown within her music and other varying creative endeavors. Her creativity knows no bounds, and this song is just the beginning of a new era for this young artist. 

Listen to “End of the Day” today, watch its enchanting music video directed by Nico Paolillo, and get ready for more music to come from this extraordinarily talented artist.


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