Without a doubt Ajani Jones is up there as one of my personal favorite up and comers making his mark in the Chicago music scene. Showcasing a authentic and versatile array of flows and production, Ajani has built up a solid discography over the last few years with tracks such as “Pyramid’ and “Lucid” combining for over three million streams on Spotify alone. Possessing an already impressive catalogue, Ajani is still only getting started. Coming fresh off of new series of singles from his 30 songs in 30 days challenge, Ajani presents his second single of the year, “Coachella”.

On the track, Ajani showcases his ability to meld together catchy flows, intricate lyricism, and clever rhymes. Featuring gritty production from fellow Chicagoans Danny Kulasik and Rob Smierciak, the head bopping instrumental gives Ajani the room the room to do what he does best. Snap on beats. Between the songs well crafted verses, infectious hook, and hyped outro, the track only continues to build in momentum as it goes on.

With much more heat stored in the vault, it’s safe to say that this will not be Ajani’s last single of the summer. You can listen to “Coachella” out now on streaming services. Follow Ajani on Instagram to stay tuned for what’s next!


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