Bev Hillz // Keni

Los Angeles-based rising singer-songwriter Keni is returning to the release circle with her latest intoxicating single, “Bev Hillz.” 

“Bev Hillz” tells the relatable story of a young woman envisioning stardom in Bevery Hills, performing at The Roxy, having a star on the Walk of Fame, and riding around the city in a fancy car. This infectious indie-pop track showcases this young artist’s euphonious raw breathy voice and unique songwriting style, on top of a melodic groovy drum-laden beat featuring a vibrant strumming guitar – while paying homage to one of Keni’s favorite bands, Weezer. 

Speaking on the song Keni says, “I love Weezer. always have, always will. Beverly Hills is a staple of my childhood. i grew up in LA and hannah montana was my favorite show so what else would anyone expect. I live and have lived in the san fernando valley forever. i love it here. it’s my home but i want to move up. i don’t take myself too seriously, similar in that sense to this song. in my silliest, wildest dreams i do want a star on the boulevard. i know how that may sound but i WANT one. a big fat star with my name on it. and that’s okay, because you probably want one too. that’s what this song is about.”

This track comes with an exciting tongue-in-cheek music video that is sure to but a smile on your face, putting Keni’s personality on display for the audience to fall in love with while she follows her dreams on her rise to the top. Keni is set to release her debut EP in the next coming months, and “Bev Hillz” is just a taste of what this project will entail. 

Listen to “Bev Hillz” today, get acquainted with Keni’s sound, and get ready for her debut EP coming out soon…you won’t want to miss it.


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