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Los Angeles rising singer-songwriter Ali Angel just released her self-titled debut EP today, Ali Angel. This 6 track project combines this artist’s retro-soul production, classic songwriting, and love for 60’s and 70’s music – paired with Angel’s personal experiences about her life and relationships. Angel’s music speaks to people who enjoy a variety of musical genres from classic rock to indie to soul and country/americana – this artist has concocted her own one of a kind sound. 

Diving into the project, I’m going to start with her debut single, “Play Pretend.” This track was the perfect introduction to the artist that is Ali Angel. From the moment the song starts, you are immediately drawn in by Angel’s unique raw twangy vocal tonality, sweet and pure yet soulful and grainy. The production leans towards a blues rock sound with a classic americana feel – integrating rich horn instrumentation. You can truly feel the warmth radiating through the soundwaves.

Next up…“Extra Wild.” This song dives into the excitement of a new relationship backed by a groovy and soulful soundscape with inspiration from classic motown. When listening to this track, you can sit back, close your eyes, and feel as though you are transported into a different world – especially during the incredible sax, trumpet, and guitar solo breakdown. 

“Beck and Call” is a “taking my power back” anthem. The inspiration for this track came from a toxic relationship that completely drained Angel, giving a lot more than she ever received from her partner. This track has more of an alternative rock sound, with catchy sassy lyricism, punchy organ hits and a defining guitar bend/lick that is extremely intriguing.  

Are you planning on going on a trip any time soon? If so, “Hideaway” can be the soundtrack to your summer. This track embodies a true retro road trip vibe. It’s a twangy daydream about getting away with someone you love for an adventure – with a driving baseline, a playful glockenspiel, and washy guitar lines. 

If you’re into a grittier classic rock type of sound, “Middle Name” is the song for you. This track uncovers the darker obsessive side of lust… fawning over a new love that you barely know but already has a hold on you. “Middle Name” has been a fan favorite at Angel’s live performances because of its cheeky lyricism and rock backbone – all while highlighting the singer’s diverse vocal ability.

“Loving You Lately” is “a gentle song about somebody bringing out the best in you and lighting up your life,” says Angel. This track is Angel’s most stripped down and vulnerable song to date, unpacking how she finally fell in love after experiencing negativity and rejection in her past. Musically and lyrically, the song depicts the fear and sweetness of diving into a relationship head first, with alluring string instruments, grounding horn lines, and beautiful harmonies.  

Listen to the EP in its entirety today – it truly is an amazing project that is sure to put a smile on your face. Ali Angel knows how to create vulnerable, authentic, and uplifting music that can inspire the masses. I am so excited to see where she goes.


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