Cannonball // Emily James

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer Emily James just blessed us with her latest musical offering, “Cannonball,” off of her forthcoming EP Illuminate. This lush pop song comes with an accompanying music video co-directed by Emily and Kristen Brancaccio.

“Cannonball” is an intimate fresh take on a summertime love story – meshing Emily’s eloquent songwriting, soothing voice, and warm acoustics and synths together to create a luxuriant soundscape. 

When asked about the track Emily shared: “I’ve written a lot of songs about the nuances of love, including the fear and inner-conflict and heartbreak that often comes along with it. Cannonball is special to me because it’s the first song I’ve written that is simply about how euphoric it feels to fall in love and the experience of being in a moment and wanting to stay in it forever. It’s really just a song that celebrates love and feels like summertime.”

The music video for “Cannonball” brilliantly channels exactly how the song feels into visual form. It portrays a couple falling for eachother in an almost surreal environment – “painting” their imagined future and memories together on eachother. As the song progresses, their whirlwind of a relationship progresses… but at the end the story rewinds straight to the beginning… a blank canvas of reality with their story having not even began.

Listen to “Cannonball” today, watch the music video, and get ready for this amazing artist’s forthcoming EP coming out in the near future.



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