Meet pop’s newest musical badass – Jame Minogue. Today, Minogue dropped an electric video to complement his electric track – “You’re Thinking of Me,” an untamed, groovy banger. Minogue’s music is spicy and flavorful, with Latin-infused beats reminiscent of another new-age king, Omar Apollo. This single has hit the ground running – Minogue landed the cover of NPR World Cafe’s Best New Latinx Playlist, and next, is set to open for The Marías in the Dominican Republic later this summer. 

The video, directed by Camila Noriega, focuses on the universal feeling that is a crush – something that makes you feel gushy inside – so gushy that you write a song about it. The video is dreamy and touching: “I really wanted to create a visual world which emphasized this initial part of Principe Azul’s (Prince Charming’s) experience with love. At this point in the EP, love feels super materialistic, playful and even comedic. The creative intention was to double down on what the song is about, while hoping to make some people laugh with the relatable narrative,” said Minogue. 

Growing up in New Jersey, heading to Los Angeles, and being inspired by his Dominican-Irish roots, the young artist is making a name for himself through his unique sound. Minogue is one to watch, with music that sets him apart from any pop singer – you take one listen and you are hooked. 

Watch the new music video HERE, and stream Jame Minogue on all platforms today!


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