YDE // Old Her

Multi-faceted artist YDE returns to the release circle with her latest musical offering, “Old Her.” Native to Australia, but moving to the U.S. as a young child, YDE (p.k.a Breanna) was always interested in performance, turning music into her lifeline. Influenced by her family’s eclectic music taste ranging from heavy metal to hip-hop and classic rock, YDE has cultivated her own unique sound.

“Old Her”, co-written by Justin Tranter, Teddy Geiger, and Caroline Pennell, has two meaningful messages for YDE; the first is growing up and changing through the pandemic, and the second doubles as a commentary on her artistic growth over the last couple of years. YDE as well as the world as we know it now are largely different in many ways…and she used this track to reintroduce herself to her fans as a means of showing where she is at now. 

YDE explains, ‘Old Heris my perspective on growing up and feeling like life never gets easier. Each verse is a real time reflection from different chapters of life that all point back to the sarcastic conclusion that ignorance is bliss.”

This track beautifully combines intricate lyricism about personal transformation, the future, and what it means to be human on top of a catchy alt-skewering pop sound…all while YDE’s voice bounces over the head-bobbing rhythm. It is a window into the world that is YDE…fascinating and honest. She is unafraid to say how she feels, starting meaningful conversations and tackling big issues through her music.  

Both this track and the companion music video are works of art, showcasing the artistry that YDE embodies flawlessly… as well as her artful dance skills.

Listen to “Old Her” today, watch the mesmerizing music video, and get ready for this artist’s debut project out later this year produced by YDE herself!


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