merci, mercy // Black Cloud

It has been a little bit since I last wrote on Sydney-based alt-pop artist merci, mercy… but once I got word she had another release coming out I was insanely excited. Her new incredible single is titled, “Black Cloud,” and was written with her close collaborator Chris Collins. 

“Black Cloud” is a beautiful taste of what merci, mercy does best…captivates her audience with honest lyricism paired with infectious melodies that leave you always wanting more. What makes this artist so unique is her ability to turn a lyrically dark song about her struggles with mental health and juxtapose those emotional lyrics with a signature intoxicating alternative pop soundscape… creating true “sad bangers.”

When asked about the track, merci, mercy shared: “’Black Cloud’ is about my mental health taking a toll on my relationship. I’m unable to experience the simple joys of life with my partner because I’m consumed by a black cloud. I am the type of person that needs to know it will work out or else I won’t bother to try. This song shows that I am working on myself to make the relationship successful, despite being wrapped in a black cloud. I’m willing to do the work because of how much I love this person; life would be a tragedy if I didn’t at least try.”

merci, mercy is an inspiration to people worldwide who may be struggling with their mental health. Through her music, this young artist is able to exemplify courage in times of darkness. I was beyond overjoyed to get the chance to ask this incredible artist some questions about her journey and artistry for a small Q&A.


Samantha: Hey! How are you today?

merci, mercy: Hello, today is a really nice day but my mental health has been pretty bad recently so that’s taking a toll on me. I am trying my best though to push through so i can enjoy days like this where my music is coming out. Hope you are well today!!

Samantha: Take me back to the very beginning… What has your musical journey been like?

merci, mercy: Well well well…. I knew I wanted to be musical in some way or another from the moment I was born. I would sing all the time (not very well though). I didn’t start trying to be a musician until I was 14 when my dad bought me my first acoustic guitar. I would just sing covers back then until my sister got sick and I wrote her a song, not a very good song but it was a song. Turns out she was just pregnant with a child who is now my best friend.  I then did not write any more songs until I was 16 when a boy broke my heart. I didn’t stop writing after that because I knew it would get me out of doing school work. I showed my music teacher my songs and she loved them and even offered to pay for them to be recorded. After that I recorded my first ever song to upload to triple j unearthed high and the right people noticed it. The journey was actually quite beautiful for me, because being able to write about the feelings I couldn’t quite express put relief on my heart and body.

Samantha: How did you know you wanted to be an artist? Was there a pivotal moment?

merci, mercy: I always knew I wanted to be an artist, I just didn’t know how I was going to be one. I would ask my mum for singing lessons/ guitar lessons but she would always tell me if I really wanted to learn it I would. So I did. I sat down for two weeks straight learning how to play sweater weather on the guitar and eventually gained the confidence to write my own songs. 

Samantha: Who are some of your musical influences?

merci, mercy: I have too many to count but I would say the main one is Amy Winehouse. She was brutally honest in her lyrics even if it didn’t shine the brightest light upon herself. I admire how honest she was and that’s what I hope to always do. My sister was a jazz singer and her singing amy winehouse is one of my favorite memories. 

Samantha: Is there a favorite song and/or lyric you have ever written and why?

merci, mercy: I don’t think i have a favorite as they all mean so much to me and i’m very indecisive. 

Samantha: Any dream collaborations you have in mind?

merci, mercy: Thunder cat is my dream collaboration because his bass lines are sick and his music is great to make love to. 

Samantha: Will you be coming over to the US anytime soon?

merci, mercy : I would absolutely love to. 

Samantha: What comes next after this release? What can your fans expect in the future?

merci, mercy: Oooooo they can expect a lot more music that’s for sure.

“Black Cloud” is lifted off of merci, mercy’s forthcoming sophomore EP out later this year which is sure to contain more catchy pop tracks with honest blunt lyricism.

Listen to “Black Cloud” today, watch the music video, and get excited for her sophomore EP coming out before you know it…it’s worth waiting for but I already can’t wait!


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